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2011-12 Season Recap


The 2011-12 season was indeed a roller coaster of emotions. Even before the season started the team received some terrible news. In the summer after the 2010-11 season when Gettysburg lost in the conference championship, in overtime, the team was informed that one of their own, Kevin Cantele, was badly injured in a car crash. Luckily Kevin was not killed in the incident but he would have to undergoe a number of surgeries and rehabilitation and would not be returning for the Fall Semester. The teams' thoughts and prayers went out to Kevin as they would wear his initials on their helmets and display his jersey at all of their games.


After this terrible news the Bullets began to focus on their season, or should I say seasons. Gettysburg would be making history this year by fielding two teams, one remaining in the MDCHA at the DIII level and a new one at the DII level competing in the Great Northeast Collegiate Hockey Conference. In fact an alum, Colin Gilmore, would sign on to be head coach of the DIII team as Coach Esser and Rogusky continued with the DII team. Before tryouts no one new what to expect and did not know if this task would be possible. However once tryouts began it was evident that there was more than enough interest to play hockey at Gettysburg. Over 40 players came out for the team including 5 goaltenders. It was a great turnout and once both teams were sorted out both teams looked to be very competitive in their respective leagues.


However as the games began, members of the DIII team began to drop off fewer and fewer players were showing up for practices and games. To make matters worse, Coach Gilmore received another job taking him out of state so the team would be without a coach. Coach Esser and Coach Rogusky decided to split the duties. But as it went on, the players continued to not show and finally the decision was made mid-season that the DIII team would not be able to continue with such few players.


Meanwhile the DII team was running in to problems of their own. They were a young team with only three seniors and their first few league games in the new conference did not go well. Additionally, they were trying to solve their starting goaltender question. Sophomore Jim Dornberger who carried the team last season as a freshman, made the decision to focus on studies which meant the team had to once again turn to freshmen netminders. But as it turned out, it was not a bad transistion. Both Sam Shockley and Jonathan Lipshutz performed well for the remainder of the season, including Lipshutz recording the first shut out in recent history.


But would they be able to dig out of the hole they dug themselves in to from the beginning of the season? Unfortunately, Gettysburg was two points shy of making the playoffs and for the first time in recent history Gettysburg would not participate in the post season. Howver things look bright for the future. In addition to the two goaltenders Gettysburg acquired a good amount of young talent that will continue to grow as the play more and more.

Overall Record: 11-10-1 (9-8-1)

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