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2014-15 Gettysburg Hockey Team

2014-15 Season Recap



The 2014-15 season was very trying for everyone involved:  players, coaches, alums and fans.  With that being said, the Gettysburg hockey team will not dwell on the past but on the learning opportunities they provided, from both wins and losses.  The season welcomed in a new coaching staff in Terry Baker and Keith Newbaker who would take over for the retiring Coach Rogusky and Esser.  Many of Gettysburg's veterans were gone and the team would need to once again develop their talent from the bottom up with a fresh group of prospects.


The road was rough with very little numbers for most games but the Bullets always look for the positive coming out of the challenges and learned a lot about ourselves as a team.  The core group, mostly freshmen, and some upper classmen, banded together with grit and determination rarely seen, which can only serve to strengthen our prospects for a new and better season this year.  The lone senior and 2014-15 sesaon captain, Matt Kuhl, depars via graduation and will be sorely missed.  But in his absence, leaders in Joe Chiarino and Kyle Chipman, will provide the type of leadership necessary to solidify and sustain a college hockey program.  With the young returning players as well as commitments from incoming freshmen and expected walk-ons, Gettysburg has already created a spark of excitement and anticipation for the new season.  In addition to this, a revamping of teams in our league into three divisions has created a more level playing field and is likely to promote an atmosphere of contagious winning.  

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