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Hockey at Gettysburg...A Player's Perspective

May 10, 2014 


Why did you choose Gettysburg?
I chose Gettysburg because of it’s great academics and of course their club hockey team.

How long have you been playing hockey?
I have been playing hockey since I can remember.  Probably since I could walk.

What do you like best about the hockey team?
The players on the team.  It is a great group of guys and we have a good time playing.  Road trips are fun and it is not too demanding that we can still do other stuff at school other than hockey.

What do you think is the difference between club and varsity at Gettysburg?
Not much, except maybe time commitment.  I am also on the golf team and we have practice every day that we do not have a meet.  Hockey is once or twice a week, and although the rink is far, we still have time for other things during the week and on weekends.  It is a good balance.

What has been your favorite moment in Gettysburg hockey?
The North Carolina trip we had last two years ago.  We played four games in three days and it was like playing in the old travel tournaments again.  It was a fun trip even though we didn’t win all the games.

What do you expect from the new league?
We expect to do well. We did pretty well at DII, except for this last year, but we have a good group of players that if we stay dedicated we could make the conference playoffs.

What do you think of the new coach?
We are excited to see what he brings.  We are looking forward to coach Baker’s experience.  

What would be your wish for the Hockey program?
We would get a rink.  We would have so many more players and fans if the rink was on or near campus and I think it would be a game changer.

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