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Gettysburg goaltender Madeleine Hamblen #20

Gettysburg goaltender turning heads


November 10, 2014


The Gettysburg Hockey team has had its share of goaltending woes in the past couple years.  Going from having 5 goaltenders only three years ago, to having just one last season.  Now, Gettysburg sought freshman goaltender Thomas Pelchat out of "retirement" as they did not have any other prospects on the horizon.  They were pleasantly suprised when two additional goaltenders came out to tryouts this season.  Connor Aruturi was a transfer student and freshman Madeleine Hamblen. Yes, Madeleine.  She is the first woman goaltender in the team's history.  Holding her own throughout the tryout she earned a spot on the team and as it turns out, with an injury to Pelchat, has assumed starting duty.  


News of this unique situation has reached as far as Harrisburg, PA as the newpaper there has done a story on Madeleine and the Bullet's goaltending ups and downs.


Congratulations to Maddy and all of the Bullet's goaltenders and their hard work and we look forward to a bright future with them.



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